Welcome! On this website texts and images will be shared that document (the process of) the multi-method qualitative Master Thesis Research Project carried out in urban space Berlin.

The project aims to explore not only which in/visible urban borders run through Border-Memoryland Berlin today but also which art, artists and artistic projects have the potential to unravel these borders and create awareness about them. It hence may also be regarded as an attempt to incorporate artistic practices in the Border Studies niche of the Human Geography discipline.

During this exploration the continuously changing and dynamic nature of borders is taken into account in order to broaden our horizon of understanding what borders are and how they manifest themselves. Borders are not solely material or visible and they are not only present at the edges of nation states. On the contrary; they can also be immaterial, invisible and also run through societies and cities within nation states and take on many different forms.

Especially in the case of Berlin, where so much attention is placed upon the Berlin Wall as the strongly material and visible border of the past, it is relevant to also shed light on the less material and visible urban borders that run through the city today.

The project is open to all questions, comments, ideas and suggestions.


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