About the researcher

After having obtained a BSc in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies at the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands and a Minor in Conflict Studies at the Centre for International Conflict Analysis & Management (CICAM) in Nijmegen, I started a MA in Human Geography with a specialisation in ‘Europe: Borders, Governance, Identity’ in September 2016. I chose to carry out the final research project of this Postgrad in urban space Berlin, focussing on in/visible internal and urban b/ordering dynamics and creative border deconstruction. As I recently obtained my MSc in Human Geography, this project has now been completed, but on this website I will continue to occasionally share related fragments, photographs and art.

Currently I am studying a MA in Visual Anthropology (film-making for fieldwork) at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology of the University of Manchester, UK, to continue my wish to combine the creative/visual with the academic and making it more accessible.


For all questions, comments, ideas, suggestions you are very welcome to send an email to Katinka Schlette: katinkaschlette@outlook.com.