Project completed

After a summer of analysing the incredible amount of rich and interesting data that I gathered in Berlin, a summer of writing, erasing, rewriting, writing erasing rewriting (…) the project has now been completed, handed in and received a positive review of my supervisor and Dr. Olivier Thomas Kramsch:

“Katinka Schlette has written an impressively researched MA thesis, examining the myriad b/ordering practices underpinning current urban developmental dynamics in contemporary Berlin. It excavates the ways in which Berlin’s investment-driven real-estate market recreates borders haunted by earlier border formations deriving from the city’s divided status along the East/West divide. Drawing on the suggestive notion of a border’s ‘imaginative apparatus’, she further delves into the ways in which the contemporary arts scene strives to uncover the power geometries inherent in current bordering practices, the better to reveal the spatial inequalities they produce, between newly configured centres and peripheries, the haves and have-nots of a city that is defining Germany’s urban future. An innovative piece of scholarship that builds creatively on state-of-the art ‘geographies of walking’, placing them suggestively in dialogue with critical border studies, thereby offering up promising new directions for border studies in an urban milieu”.

For anyone who would is interested to read more, here is the Academia link for the entire thesis.

For those people that are based in Berlin: The project will be displayed in the OKK in Wedding as part of the exhibition of visual artist and performer Marta Lodola, whom I collaborated with. The opening will be at the end of this month.




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